Wounded Warriors United is a not for profit organization exclusively founded for our combat wounded and combat veterans. Wounded Warriors United is based in Manhattan, KS.

Wounded Warriors United provides all-inclusive events at no cost to our wounded warriors. Wounded Warriors United provides events to our heroes to include, hunting, fishing, camping, and numerous sporting and social events. These events are therapeutic and will assist in the healing of our heroes hearts and minds.

Wounded Warriors United wants to increase public awareness on the effects the outdoors has on our wounded warriors mental and physical disabilities. Wounded Warriors United relies exclusively on private and corporate donations.

Over 95% of donations directly benefit our wounded warriors.


WWU provides outdoor adventures to our Men and Women who have served our Country during combat.

In order to continue our mission we need the Support of individuals and Business. Through your support and donations WWU is able to assist our Heroes with Challenges they are facing.

In 2015 WWU started their Mentor program.

Wounded and Combat Veterans help struggling Heroes with PTSD, Pain, Suicidal thoughts and everyday struggles.

Our Mentors talk about how they have dealt with their issues, and how they coped with them. In the Military we call it Battle Buddies. They ability to talk with someone who has been through what they are dealing with is priceless.

In 2016 WWU will kick off their Homes for Heroes program. WWU will help out Heroes with much needed home improvements, repairs, and converting their home to ADA compliant.

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